To read some of my recent poems, please click the links and you’ll be taken to them.

“Rest in Warning” (The Awl, September, 2017)

“Billow”, “The Fleeting” and “Baby Hippos, the Rain, and Other Peoples’ Pain” (Peacock Journal, November, 2017)

“Just Like Picking Flowers” (Writers Resist, November, 2017)

“An Anniversary”  (Vox Populi, December, 2016)

“Nowhere Near Hudson’s Bay”  (Poetry magazine, November, 2015)

“Some Comfort in a Smaller Field of Vision” (Yale Review, October, 2016)

“Ars Poetica”  (Academy of American Poets, August, 2015)

“Shock Wave”   (Truthdig.org, March, 2015)

“Bitterness in the Mouth” (The Awl, April, 2013)

“Mumblety Peg” (Agni, 2014)

“In Praise of Prey” (The Common, April, 2014)

Shook Music” (The Common, April, 2014)

“The Mouth of the Mind” (Slate, April, 2011)

“Ram’s Horn and Citron, Tinder and Carillon” (Agni, 2008)

“Hot Chocolate”  Fishouse

“Of Providence” (Beliot Poetry Journal, 2007)